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  1. What a wonder they are!! Very annoying and lousy!!! Reaping where they did not sow…….. Yes!!! That’s all that comes to mind when you think MOSQUITOES ……… Funny enough we fail to look at the activities of the mosquitoes…… 1. Very tactical especially when there is a need to feed. They hide in the dark just to disguise.
  2. Very persistent. They keep singing a symphony till you succumb to the wonderful melody.
  3. Team work. In order to ensure adequate feeding … They always work as a team. No single mosquito comes to you alone.
  4. Sacrifice. They sacrifice their lives to ensure the female mosquito gets enough blood to start a new generation. I wish humans can copy from the mosquitoes am sure you will imagine how amazing it will be

seven wonders of the world

  1. Great pyramid of Giza (Egypt) also known as the Khufu pyramid. It is the oldest of the seven wonders of the world and the only one that is largely intact till date.
  2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon. According to legend,the garden was built by king Nebuchadnezzar II for his median wife, queen Amytis.
  3. Colossus of Rhodes. It is a statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun,Helios. Erected in the city of Rhodes.
  4. Lighthouse of Alexandria ( pharos of Alexandria). It was built by Ptolemaic kingdom located in Egypt.
  5. Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Erected in at the sanctuary of Olympia in the temple of Zeus( Greece). It is a representation of the god Zeus sitting on an elaborate cedar wood throne ornamented with ebony,ivory,gold and precious stones.
  6. Temple of Artemis ( the temple of Diana). Dedicated to the goddess Artemis located in the ancient city of Ephesus( modern town of selcuk, Turkey)
  7. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Although now in ruins, it is located in modern day Bodrum -Turkey. It was a tomb built for a satrap, mausolus ,in the Persian empire and his sister- wife Artemisia II of Caria.

I don’t have

The parent I don’t have!!! I once had but I don’t have( who will take care of me)

The husband I never had!! I don’t have I never know when I will have( funny but thats the truth.. Who will be my companion)

Friends I had but don’t have( never know if I could trust someone enough to be that friend anymore)

Brothers I have but are not protective( when will my brothers take the fight o my behalf)

An adviser I had but don’t have( who will show me the right thing to do)

A child I wish to have but I don’t have ( who will do my errands when am too tired and weak?)

A full bank account which I dreamt of bt is not sufficient ( how do I settle my debt)

An energy I wish to run away from life but am exhausted ( how do I survive)

The God I have who is greater than all( do I really need to worry about “my I don’t haves?”)

Oriflame beauty

when choosing  a beauty product you go for a reliable product. Oriflame products are tested and trusted.

The company started in 1967( wow 50years of greater improvements) by Jonas and Robert af jochnick and Bengt hellsten. Their dream was to create beauty products using the best of nature, science and trends created in Sweden

Today,Oriflame is 50years with experience and continued success and it remains committed to fulfil to it mission to fulfil dreams

Oriflame sell their products direct and you will be recognised for buying. That spirit of hardwork, connecting you to people and the passion is what makes Oriflame stand out.

Oriflame have given over 30 million people in over 60countries including Nigeria the opportunity to look good, make money and make friends. You can be a part of this greater journey by becoming a consultant. 

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Adolescent relationships

Relationship amongst the adolescents  in today’s world have been abused. 

   Relationship is  a connection or association between people; it is  a connection by blood or marriage and in the abused form,  Relationship is a sexual involvement. An adolescent  is a person who is between childhood and adulthood(13- 19years). It can be a very tough transitional stage
   Most adolescents tend to connect with people who are not thier blood for different reasons. Our society consider adolescants as less important or inferior to adults. Adolescents are physically and sexually abused. Sometimes,they recieve threats and denial of control over things without reasons or explanation. Most adolescents are punished out of adults frustration. All these adult behaviours toward these kids make them yearn for someone to talk to and this may lead them into a relationship which is most times abused.

   Most types of relationships they usually engaged in  are: the sibling/cousin relationship,friendship,boy/girlfriend, same sex  and sexual partnership.

   Any type of relationship has it emotional outcome. For example, the sibling/cousin relationship will have an emotional outcome like attachment, intimacy, unconditional love and most times compassion. Friendship will have a compassionate,unconditional love, platonic love and intimacy. The bastardized form of relationship which is the sexual partnership is usually accompanied by jealousy, intimacy, passion and most times ends in heartbreak, guilt and disappointment.

   Adults should always have an opened ear to what the adolescents have to express. They should also be sure to check any kind of association amongst the them to avoid future troubles.

if you were to be my child

Sometimes I feel like shading tears when I see these little children roaming the major streets of our northern cities barefeeted.

How can I carry you for nine solid months, bring you to this world through painful labour and then surrender you to the streets to raise you?

Do I expect you to show love and compassion towards others when you were deprived of love at a tender age?

If you were to be my child! I will send you to the best school I can offord. I will give you good food to nourish your tiny belly. I will buy you beautiful clothes.

In my eyes you will always see love .. In my love you will know God and you will cherish humanity

 How is possible that I can sleep without knowing how you are surviving out there in the cold? How will I  not care whether you have a roof over your head?

If you were to be my child I wil always adore